Mountainbike tour 3.5.2005

Unexpectedly it grew hot with temperaures up to 30 C. So my bicycle tour takes place in the morning, from 7.15 to 9.30. It takes me via Netting and Stollhof to Frankenhof, and via Dreistetten and Fischauer Berge home to Winzendorf.

In between Netting, Maiersdorf and Teichmuehle there is a stunning view Schneeberg, which has thawed much, but still has lots of snow

Ramson near a wooden water ditch below Stollhof

View from the lower end of Stollhof in direction sothwest to Hohe Wand. Blooming ...


Frankenhof lies half height to Hohe Wand, ...

... hence not looking as high from there as from other places

Young leaves on oaks ...

... and early blossoms.

The real destination of my journey, however, is this "fairy tale meadow" inmidst the dense forest of Fischauer Berge, about 10.000 m2 large. Here I find what I hoped to: The first orchids of this spring.

Green-winged Orchid (Orchis morio)

Beneath also wild flourishing grape hyacynths