Mountain bike tours 6./13. July 2005

On Jul 6th I start in the afternoon from Oberwart with the mountain bike to search for the forests around Bernstein However, it came to nearly nothing, because after 10 km the air was out - not from me but of my tyre. So, one week later, the repetition was necessary, and this day I continue till Bernstein and Redlschlag.


Near the road: (Aster salignus)

Panorama from the bank between Stadtschlaining and Neustift. Click into the image for better resolution.

Part of the panorama: Zooming in on my goal, Bernstein. In between, however, a deep valley...

Shortly before the first pirctures I had to pump, but the pressure did not hold on for long. So decided to return to Bad Tatzmannsdorf.

13.7.2005: Everything o.k. now, I start with new tyres. The bank is passed already, and in the valley near Muehlriegel these cloves (Dianthus carthusianorum) are flourishing near the road.

Shame, but a thunderstorm is approaching now, which soakes me.

Arrived in Bernstein - View on the castle from the road to Redlschlag.

Haze lifts from the road that was heatened before and soaked afterwards.

In the light pine forest between Bernstein and Redlschlag. The sun comes back.

Near Redlschlag, Is this the past thunderstorm cloud or the one to come?

Haze in forest and grassland ...

Soaked wheat fields. I canīt break away from these pictures ...

View on Redlschlag.

Shortly after Bernstein. The cloud of the pictures before has approached. Click into the image for better resolution.

Back in Oberwart, shortly before 8.00 p.m.. The cloud in late evening light.