Morning Impressions 18.10.2011

The weather forecast is for cloudless weather, no morning mist. As I have to get up early, at 7:15 a.m. I take the camera and the tripod and start into a frosty morning.

At first, I drive to Winzendorf´s upper end - just in time for sunrise.

Wind engines near Mattersburg, way far into Burgenland.

I took the car to get to the Blaetterstraße - the road between Weikersdorf and Neunkirchen, where I discovered  blooming fields recently, seeded for green manure purpose. Schneeberg has lost much of its new snow, only the summit cornice, steep ravines and the big scree called "Breite Riesz" are still covered with snow.

Morning hoarfrost ...

Ripe corn and St. Aegyden with Schneeberg

Hohe Wand in the backgrouind, far left "G´laend", Fischau mountains in fraont with Kienberg as the highest summit.



I have parked the car near a beck - view from the road bridge over that beck to Hohe Wand. Still some hoarfrost.

Neusiedl with poplars surrounding the fishing pond, and Schneeberg

HDR - 180° - panoramic picture, as seen from the Blaetterstrasze. Schneeberg, Hohe Wand, Fischau mountains. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.

On the opposite side of the road large fields with Phacelia tanacetifolia, also planted after regular crop, for green manure purposes.

Phacelia and rape - an excellent combination!

In the centre background is Winzendorf´s large limestone quarry.

Once more the view to Neusiedl/St. Aegyden and Schneeberg ...

 ... this panorama, nearly identical to the first one, was taken about haolf an hour later - the light now being slightl different. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.