Walk around Mitterberg 26.10.2006

After a misty morning the sun comes out at least on early afternoon. So, after a celebrated "dinner" (at noon), we start a walk  into the forest, that turns out to become a complete walk around Mitterberg.

Winzendorf, main street, near the secondary school ...

 ... and on the street named "Roemerweg". To the left the slopes of Mitterbergs

The Spindle bushes (Euonymus europaeus) are already losing their leaves.

View from "Steinernes Bankerl" over Prosset gorge to the disused limestone quarry.

Winzendorf,as seen from the same place, ...

 ... and zooming in. To the left in the background Wiener Neustadt.

Only few sunlight in Prosset gorge the ground of the vally ...

 ... is already in shadow. Ruin Emmerberg ...

 ... still gets some sun, however.

Walking further through the forest

Beech leaves are turning brown already

We have left the eastern slope of Prosset gorge and are now walking along the northwestern slope of Mitterberg ...

 ... where a nice view to Hohe Wand opens soon, ...

 ... this time as a panoramic picture. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Sheila is enjoying the day.

The northwestern slope now is ...

 ... covered with full sunlight.

Near the path that leads upwards from Netting and back over the ridge to Winzendorf, unexpectedly we bump into this oilseed rape field. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Maiersdorf in the background

Netting is already in the shadow, Kienberg behind..

Stollhof and Hohe Wand in the background.