Mitterberg 27.5.2006

Today it is cloudy however with longer sunny spells. A short walk on Mittterberg near Winzendorf, to find the beautiful rocky place where a rare, but highly attractive flower should blossom just now ...

Felsen Goldlack (Erysimum sylvestre) in the forest on ascenting

View in direction Muthmannsdorf, ruin Emmerberg to the right.. Im suspecting the place to be the crags in the lower right part of the picture, and this turns out to be right ...

Ruin Emmerberg

View to Schneeberg

On the way to the crags in the forest Long Leaved Helleborine (Cephalantera longifolia).

My assumption was right: Arriving at the crags, there are not only lots of blossoms of White Diptam (Dictamnus albus), ...


 ... but also a good view to Schneeberg (in the dust). Kienberg to the left, Hohe Wand to the right.

In the background Kienberg, Schneeberg, Hohe Wand

Zooming in on Schneeberg. Much snow regarding that it is at the end of May.

On the way back in the forest: "Green" Wintergreen (Pyrola chlorantha)