Mitterberg 29.3.2016

Short afternoon walk from home, via "Steinernes Bankerl", then turning left to the ridge of Mitterberg, then down to the Blosser Berg and back through Winzendorf.

After cut down of many trees new places of view have opened, like here - where you can look from Mitterberg to Winzendorf, Wiener Neustadt and the Leitha mountains.

Wiener Neustadt, far left in the background, in the Leitha mountains, the limestone quarry of Müllendorf.

Late afternoon inside the forest on am Mitterberg.

Cowslips ...

 ... and early flowers of the wood spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides)

A glimpse of the ruin Emmerberg

Down, on a short detour to Blosser Berg, where I ...

 ... enjoy the evening mood. Pasque flowers growing here have started to shut their flowers due to the evening.

But, back in Winzendorf, I may enjoy the flowers of a young apricot tree.

Holewort (Corydalis cava) near a bush...

 ... and daffodills near the elementary school.