Walk around Mitterberg 16.10.2007

The bright autumn weather makes me go out, for just two two hours spare time in the morning. I walk from Winzendorf around Mitterberg to the small chapel called "Waldandacht" and back via Bloßer Berg.

The leaves of this ash tree are gowing in a sunbeam inmidst the dense dorest.

Beeches still with green leaves.

Panoramic picture of Hohe Wand, with Kienberg to the left, between Kienberg and Hohe Wand Schneeberg in the background. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Kienberg, Schneeberg, Hohe Wandwith the small village of Zweiersdorf at its foothills.

Hohe Wand

Beautiful contrasting between ploughed fields and those harvesting winter grain or green manure.

A bank is inviting for a rest.

Rape for green manure in wonderful bloom like it was in former years ...

 ... this time with a view to Hohe Wand.

Once more a bank for a rest, near the first one.

Now the path leads upwards in the forest to the left and back over the wooded ridge.

Once more a view to Hohe Wand, with Stollhof in front.

Bloßer Berg is harvesting some late blossoms - some of the plants are flourishing a second time: Österreichische Schwarzwurzel (Scorzonera Austriaca)

Kurzhaar - Donarsbart (Jovibarba hirta) is still flourishing the first time.

I can´t identify this plant (an iberis species?)

Down Bloszer Berg ...

 ... till it´s lower outskirts ...

... I return to the fields at the outskirts of Winzendorf, where late chamomilla is trying it´s luck once more ...

much appreciated by some visitor.

A view back to the forest however tells us: it´s autumn.