Mitterberg and Blosser Berg 23.4.2006

A Sunday´s walk with the family, the weather being calm and bright, about 20 C. We start from our home to the landmark of "Steinernes Bankerl", then on Mitterberg and further on to Blosser Berg and back to Winzendorf, about 3 hours.

Before we start a short view to the garden.


The peach tree that I intended to cut down last autumn now in full blossom.

After starting: forsithia in a garden in Winzendorfer.

The path uses in part Winzendorf´s forest promenade

young leaves on a lime tree ...

... as well as on this barberry

wood spurge near  "Steinernes Bankerl", ("little stone bank"), a rock formation in the form of a bank being used as a resting place.

A good view over parts of WInzendorf from that point.

First leaves on an oak

Sheila takes a rest.

A glimpse on the ruined castle of Emmerberg.

Young leaves, ...

 ... wherever the eye can ...

 ... view.

Stunning light yellow colours in the beech forest.

Cowslips on the path ...

 ... and another wood spurge: "almond leaved" spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides)

Blosser Berg: the blossoms are quite different from that 2 weeks ago. Dominating are "Kugelblume" and the Austrian variety of  black salsify. Only a few tiny iris left..

Austrian Black Salsify (Scorzonera Austriaca)

Heart leaved "Kugelblume" (did not find an English name)

Between the rocks spurge, black salsify and still flourishing sand cinquefoil.


Once more Austrian black salsify.

Bitter cress on the outskirts of Winzendorf.

Masses of dandelion and flourishing blackthorn. In the background to the right is Mitterberg.

Cherry tree in full blossom