Miesenbach 9.10.2021

A visit to the Gauermann museum with most friendly guidance by the chairman Andreas Enne is followed by further exploration of the area.Today, I visit the high are of "Auf der Höh" ("In the High") between Miesenbach and Dürnbach, and the rock formations called Balbersteine ("Balber-stones")

First the view to Scheuchenstein ...

 ... and, shortly beneath Scheuchenstein, to the farmhouse "An der Leiten" and to the Balbersteine.

High up, shortly before the "Auf der Höh" - View to Dürre Wand.

Shortly before the signpost "Auf der Höh" - a farmer´s fruit orchard with red leaves and a view to Schneeberg.

Schneeberg in distance, and smooth grassland.

The prominent elevation in front of Schneeberg is called Hutberg ("Hut mountain"), in front, in the valley, the rock formations with the ruin Scheuchenstein.

A bit further, the view opens to the Northwest and the Balbersteine.

Last flowers in the grass: Austrian Dwarf gentian (Gentianella austriaca)

View over the high plain "Auf der Höh" to the Balbersteine. Unterberg and others on the horizon.

Balbersteine are a prominent rock formation, steep above Balbersdorf, a part of Miesenbach. They are built of hard limestone called Hallstätterkalk ("Hallstatt limestone"), as opposed to the geologically younger softer and more water-resistant marl ("Liasfleckenmergel") of the "Höh", and had been pushed over the younger layers, though being older. In the Miesenbach valley there are a few such "islands" of harder rocks stones, for instance the Frohnberg or the rocks of the ruin Scheuchenstein. The harde islands remained, whereas the surrounding softer material was eroded, so the rocks had been "modelized out"..

Once more the view ...

to Schneeberg, which got a cover of snow in the summti region during last day´s rain.

Now heading for the Kreuzstein, with another view to Schneeberg, ...

 ... and here with the view to to the Frohnberg hamlet with the Michlwirt" inn.

View to Schneeberg with Dürre Wand to its right.

I walk up to the Balbersteine rocks, from the "backside", that is the road.

Breathtaking views down to Balbersdorf.

The rocky outcrops and the Austrian pines closely resmble the Fischau mountains - even the rock material is identical.

View to Hohe Wand.

Rocks in the forest.

At this rock door, I look down the further path, going extremely steep down in very slippery terrain, with ropes to hold on however. I decide to turn back - better tackle such an area on ascent, not on the descent.

On the drive home, a short detour to Scheuchenstein, Öd and Kaltenberg. View back to Scheuchenstein and the Balbersteine.

More afar - the rocks to the right ("Hochleiten") are built of dolomite - harder than the surrounding, once more modelized out.