Saubersdorf-Fields/Marble Quarry 18.12.2019 - 1.1.2020

A few short or longer walks on the fields and a walk to the Marble quarry and Engelsberg

18.12. In the morning a phone call from my wife Susanne from her drive to the lab - meaning, I should look out the window. Hurry dressing and walking out ...

 ... to greet the dawn.

20.12.2019: Walking the fields with strong foen wind. Schneeberg summit covered by a fön cloud.

A few flowers are out despite the cold season, like this dandelion.


On the hill near the transponder.

View to the Bucklige Welt.


24.12. - took the camera with me when walking the dogs.

31.12.2019: another strong fön wind on my walk on the fields - this time with intersting fön clouds (lenticular clouds)

Schneeberg can be seen with excellent visibility.

Wechsel and the Semmering region as well.

The Panorama pond is wind protected and therefore smooth as glass.

1.1.2020: As a start to the year a walk to the marble quarry and on the Engelsberg.

Beautiful view to Wiener Neustadt

Objets dárt and seats to enjoy.

The seat above the quarry wall.

Bella and Lucy, my little models.

At the seat called "Neue Welt-view" - Schneeberg in dust today.

A bit further on the Engelsberg ridge.

Engelsberg summit

On its south-western end, the Engelsberg ridge ends with a steep rocky escarpment.

Back to the vineyards at the outskirts of Winzendorf.