Marble Quarry 15.1.2018

It has snowed during the weekend. Today, I wake up with the view of bright sunshine and deeply snow-covered pine forest. So, immediately after breakfast, I start out with Lucy, into the snow.

I find myself in snowy fairyland. First, I walk a bit down along vineyards.

Seems like there was no wind when snowing, so snow could settle on the vines.

Here I branch off for the marble quarry, which can be seen with its snow-covered rubbish dump far left near the ridge.

The path leads up a bit through vineyards ...


 ... and enters the forest above.

View back to where I walked up.

I dontīs take this path leading to the Brunntal.

Free areas are completely covered with snow.

 ... as well as all the branches.

Lucy barks at me, she wants to get thrown pine cones, which she then can rush behind. A frustrating day for her today, because she cannot find most of the cones in the snow.

Arrived at the marble quarry.

The big quarry wall.

View to Winzendorf. The Rosalia mountains and the Wechsel region cannot be seen today in the dense dust.

I walk u to the left along the quarry up on the Engelsberg.

Above the quarry ...

Further on crossing the flat forest of the summit plateau.

Wonderfully snow covered scrub.

I cannot see very much at he view point to the "Neue Welt".

Even Stollhof and Maiersdorf are nearly hidden in the mist.

Panoramic view of the "Neue Welt" and the Hohe Wand - or at least what you can see of it. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Now walking along the ridge.

Deeply snow covered pines on the Engelsberg ridge.

Lots of snow covered flower stalks ...

 ... of mulleins. After the wood harvester has devastated the area some years ago, pioneer plants settled on the bare ground, for instance mulleins.

Dark clouods behind above Dreistetten and Hohe Wand.

90° Panoramic picture  from Engelsberg summit, to the Northeast. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Winzendorf, as seen from Engelsberg.

For the first time, I have found the steep path down from the Engelsberg to the clearing. Now follows the descent through the forest to the outskirts of Winzendorf, where my car is parked.0