Marble Quarry 27.12.2017

Whole day mist yesterday. Today in the morning, the mist is lifting a little bit, so I start for a walk - much too late as is shown later.

Too late, because the sun already has thawed much of the wonderful hoarfrost. The temperature is rising rapidly, and the emerging wind from south does the rest.

Panoramic picture form the outskirts of Winzendorf to the Rosalia mountains. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

The eastern parts of the "Stone field" are still wrapped in ground fog.

Up the mountains, the hoarfrost has already completely dissolved - this means, that down here, the mist has protected the ice from thawing for just a time.

You get the impression, that there is more hoarfrost in Bad Fischau  in the Northeast. No wonder, as the warm wind is just starting from the South.

When the sun is out now, the hoarfrost is thawed within minutes.

A few minutes later, it is mostly thawed.

A few plants with ice shortly before Brunn, ...

 ...  especially in shady places.

Barberry fruits ...

 ... with last reminders of ice ...

 ... and first water droplets. It is now "raining" heavily beneath the trees.

View over the "Stone field".

The mist is also dissolving now.

Half an hour later, up at the marble quarry, both ice and mist have disappeared.

Instead, a high bank of clouds appear behind the Wechsel region.

Is Lucy interested too?

Bad Fischau and Wiener Neustadt.


The marble quarry area.

I donīt linger around the quarry now ...

 ... but walk up to the "New World View" - Clouds and a weather change on Schneeberg too. First rain and snow, respectively, will arrive in the evening though