Marble Quarry 11.1.2012

Short morning walk to Winzendorf´s marble quarry and to the "Neue Welt view"

AT the beginning two pictures from a very short walk with Sheila on Jan 10th, to Frauen beck. After many days of rain now it starts to clear.

However, still rain- and snow - clouds hanging on the mountains.

12.1.: Today it is much more calm, though not completely cloudless. View over Winzendorf to the Wechsel mountains.

View in direction Wiener Neustadt and the Leitha mountains.

The big overhanging wall of the marble quarry.

Brunn and Bad Fischau

Brunn, with Wiener Neustadt in behind with the water tower far right ...

 ... and the cathedral (with the two spires) and the military academy building (far right).

Winzendorf and the Wechsel region.

Mashine foundings at the marble quarry area ...

 ... with the view to Bad Fischau.

At the "Neue Welt - View" - lots of snow on Schneeberg after the recent rain.

Panoramic view over the vine yards near Winzendorf. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.