Marble Quarry 27.5.2010

With Roger and Ann Hiley, who are visiting me from the English Lake district, I walk a bit into the surroundings of Winzendorf to visit the marble quarry. It is hot and damp, and at the beginning of the steep ascent, Ann decides to draw back. A wise decision, as it turns out later.

Near the scree from the marble quarry lots of Diptam are flourishing.

Roger enjoys the view over the southern Viennaīs plain.

The weather is now changing to the worse. On our way further it starts to rain from a thunderstorm. So, I donīt take any more pictures. My suggestion to turn back or stay at the hut in the quarry to wait for the end of the rain is answered with a shrug of the shoulders. An English does not mind - rain, so what? Who cares?

So, we proceed our walk in the thunderstorm and rain to Groessenberg, then back via ruin Emmerberg, and finally, with ceasing rain, we enjoy the best view over Winzendorf from the upper edge of the big limestone quarry. Back at home, changing clothes to dry ones is necessary.

Click here for Rogerīs pictures, which are much more numerous; he depicted what I do not mention after the many years living here, but which is still interesting for those from abroad.