Marble quarry 1.5.2010

Every year, the local village improvement club organizes a guided tour to the marble quarry of Muthmannsdorf, where the day is finished with drinks and barbecue.

We choose the medium size route of about 2 hours. So we first walk through the Prosset gorge and then turn right under ruin Emmerberg. View over "Neue Welt" to Schneeberg.

The snow up there is now melting rapidly.

Hohe Wand, with Stollhof (left behind) and Gaaden (right)

The hut had been resored last winter, so it serves as a base camp for the clubīs food and drink service.

The bizarre marble walls. Marble has been cut out with water-cooled steel ropes.

The soil heap, and a wonderful view over the southern Viennaīs plain to Bucklige Welt and the Wechsel region.

View back to the quarry area.

Zooming in to Wiener Neustadt.

Bad Fischau, on the horizon the Leitha mountains.

Weikersdorf ...

 ... and Winzendorf

Now I go for a fine meal (grilled meat, sausages, sweets). Afterwards, it started raining, so many of the participants walked down, together with some others we take advantage of the canopy at the hut and successfully wait for the end of the rain. After the rain had stopped, once more I go to see the view - quite different view to Winzendorf now.

A small area with beautiful pannonian flora: Felsen - Goldlack (Erysimum sylvestre)

A globularia in extreme close-up.

Cypress spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias) in extreme close-up.

Scented Solomonīs seal (Polygonatum odoratum)

Once more Erysimum sylvestre

I cannot identify this plant. Maybe it is Kernera saxatilis