A Walk to Muthmannsdorf´s Marble Quarry, 14.10.2006

High fog in the morning, which dissolves later on. Bright sunshine afterwards, but extremely hazy. Family walk with neighbours from Muthmannsdorf to the marble quarry and back to Winzendorf (in the afternoon a short bike ride to get the car back).

On the way to the ridge of Fischauer Vorberge

On the ridge small grassland spots in the dense pine forest.

In the extreme haze just Hohe Wand can be seen, Schneeberg is hidden completely.

Autumnal colours between the pines.

The path leads through light forest with beautifully coloures oaks.

The view to the other side of the ridge is not better.

The old marble quarry. The peculiar shape of the rocks comes from cutting with long, circulating steel ropes.

On the descent to Winzendorf.