Mable Quarry 23.8.2005

Afternoon walk with my daughter Renate to Fischauer Berge - Grössenberg and Muthmanssdorf´s Marble quarry. The weather is cloudy, but mild and dry, 20 C.

View from Groessenberg over the valley "Neue Welt" to Hohe Wand and Schneeberg

Panorama from the same viewpoint with Hohe Wand, in the foreground Muthmannsdorf. cllick into the image for a better resolution.

Zooming in on Schneeberg, on its right half masked by Hohe Wand. In the middle Maiersdorf and Zweiersdorf.

View from the marble quarry into southern Vienna´s plain In the background Rosaliengebirge and Bucklige Welt.

The same view in panorama. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Zoomin in to the flat pine forest and Bucklige Welt

She´s found the quagmire at least ...


View on Winzendorf with Hochwechsel in the background