Marble Quarry 1.5.2005

Winzendorf´s club for improvements in the village (" Dorferneuerungsverein") has organized a guided walk to the marble quarry with lunch service up there. A wonderful day with the familiy.

The walk starts through a boundary ridge up to the forest

A Spurge species (Euphorbia amygdaloides) flourishes in the forest

The path leads through mixed forest. Most trees have young leaves now.

Garlic Mustard (Alliolaria petiolata)

View from the marble quarry to the southern Vienna´s plain (Wiener Becken). Far left Bad Fischau, far right Winzendorf. In the background to the right Hochwechsel and Semmering. Click into the picture for better resolution

Winzendorf. In the background Hochwechsel and Semmering

Austrian salsify (Scorzonera Austriaca)

Schneeberg and Hohe Wand as seen from "Neue Welt - Blick" above the marble quarry

Panorama from the same point of view. Far right a glimpse to Dreistetten and ruin Starhemberg. Click into the picture for better resolution

Glattes Brillenschoetchen (Biscutella laevigata subspecies laevigata)

First blossoms of heath rose (Daphne cneorum) on the ridge of Fischauer Berge

Zwiebeltragende Zahnwurz (Dentaria bulbifera)

Sand - cinquefoil (Potentilla arenaria)

cypress - wood spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)

Austrian speedwell (Veronica austriaca)

Meadow - sage near marble quarry

Multicoloured wood spurge (Euphorbia polychroma) in the forest near the marble quarry

bitter milkwort (Polygala amara) on the descent