Mamauwiese 14.10.2018

With my daughter Renate and son-in-law Karl from Puchberg/Unternberg vie the Römerweg to the Schoberalm and the Mamauwiese, back via the waterfall and Sonnleiten.

Soon after the start: Vire from Unternberg to Schneeberg.

Inside the forest, near the Hühnerbühel

Schneeberg only can be seen between the trees.

In the Fadengraben, shortly before the Mamauwiese.

At the upper outskirts of the forest, on the saddle to the Schoberalm.

Schneeberg can be seen from here.

Schoberalm and Schober


Lucy likes the day - except when sitting to pose for the photographer.

Re-ascent heading for the Mamauwiese.

Autums colours

On the saddle, vie back to Schober.

The Mamauwiese, a huge grassland at about 900 m asl, with a fine view to Schneeberg.