Holiday in Mali Losinj (Croatia) 4.-11.April 2009

Every year in spring, the tennis club of Winzendorf-Muthmannsdorf is organizing a tennis trainings camp in a southern country, mostly in Croatia. The kids now having started to play tennis, we participate this year for the first time. As I am not playing tennis, I take the opportunity to explore the picturesque islands of Losinj und Cres. The drive first goes over brand new Croatian highways till Rijeka, then over a hugh bridge on to the island of Krk. To continue our journey, we need the car ferry to the isle of Cres.

A few small boats near the ferry.

We donīt take this ship, it seems to be a backup one for summer holiday times when much more traffic is on the way.

The name of the ship - a tiny picturesque hamlet I shall explore later on.

The cars in seven columns - much room on the ferry.

And off we go over the sea, opposite Cres already can be seen.

Behind the Istria peninsula can be seen.

View back on the isle of Krk, which mostly is flat.

Arriving at Cres.

Now we have to drive 74 km to our destination, the main town on the island of Losinj, Mali Losinj. The isles of Cres and Losinj are connected together by a narrow isthmus, which already by the romans has been cut through by a canal, crossed by a rotatable bridge. So we donīt need a second ferry.

5.4.2009: With the mountain bike around the Cikat peninsula, to the southern end of Losinj and to Veli Losinj.

6.4.: With the mountain bike through the north of Losinj and a bit of the south of Cres.

7.4.: Walking in the Osorscica mountains on Televrin (588 m)

8.4.: Rest day - Mali Losinj

9.4.: With the mountain bike around lake Vransko and to Lubenice

10.4. Walk along the western shore, crossing the mountain to Veli Losnij and back via Mali Losinj.

11.4., on the drive home: the ferry is approaching the landing stage near Merag.

Still a few minutes to wait.

Bye, Cres ...

The head wind has drawn interesting patterns into to pine pollen on the car roof.

Approaching the landing stage on Krk.

No more pictures afterwards, as we drive home without an interruption, 4 1/2 hours till home.