Maiersdorf 10.5.2023

After a short meeting in the rehalbilitation centre in Felbring (they want to hang up pictures from my photographs), I decide for a short detour on the way back, via Maiersdorf and Netting.

I pay a visit to the biotope of the Zweiwiese which was (re)created some 10 years ago by a local society dedicated to natural protection.

They excavated soil in a wet place creating a natural pond.

Across the pond the ciew goes to Schneeberg ...

 ... and Hohe Wand. 

The reed is growing fast. I saw some frogs, which jump into thw water when they realize I´m coming.

No orchids around the pond, but I find some orchids ona grassland between Strelzhof and Willendorf.

Moorland spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

Moorland spotted orchid (Dactylorhiza majalis)

An example, how orchids can be saved or destroyed: In the foreground is unmanured grass with a single orchid, behind is (erroneously?) manured grass, standing double as high, and of course not containing orchids. They were/would have been completely displaced by the rapidly growing grass.