Losenheim 2.1.2006

Lots of snow during the last days. Thaw today, but once more it is snowing, raining in deepest regions. A short walk near Losenheim, while kids attend a skiing course.

A short glimpse to Schneeberg summit region

We walk through deep snow to ruined castle of Losenheim

Zooing in on the ruin

We are accompanied by friends with teir dog, a labrador - retriever

Swans in a fishing pond ...

 ... that should be caught, however my owner has a different opinion

View in the opposite direction to Forellenhof, where we sit together afterwards

View to Puchberg from the ruin

Restaurations are on the way

3.1.2006: A drive to Neunkirchen. A few pictrures of snow. View to Semmering ...

 ... and Schneeberg, which is covered ...

 ... with clouds till today.

The snow line can easily be identified. Much new snow on the trees above.

View to Sankt Aegyden

and to Hohe Wand

Back shortly before Winzendorf a view through Prosset gorge to deeply snow covered Hohe Wand.

Fischauer Vorberge.

Zoom to Semmering with easily discernable ski slopes.