Losenheim Fadensattel 21.10.2019

I meet up with Herwig Gießwein at 8 a.m. at the car park in Sonnleiten, with one car we drive to Losenheim. First we climb the Faden saddle, after a drink in the Almreserl house we walk down the ridge called "Dürre Leit´n" to the large grassland called Mamauwiese and via the Sebastian waterfall back down to Sonnleiten.

First morning light on the Schneeberg - between Puchberg and Hof.

Today, we walk up one of the ski pistes Es up to the Fadensattel.

Still deep standing sun at 8:15 a.m.

Schneeberg and the long scree nad called Laning Ries.

View back to Losenheim

View from the patio of the Almreserlhaus, where we take minutes rest with a drink.


Schneeberg and Fadensattel. After a short last ascent, our way leads us down along the ridge of the Dürre Leit´n.

Beautiful view in between down to the Mamauwiese and to the summits of Schober and Öhler.

Autumnal forest

Mamauwiese. We don´t walk much around the grassland.


Not very much water in the Sebastian waterfall after several dry weeks.