Losenheim 19.1.2014

Another riding lesson in Puchberg for my girls - with mist hanging over the plains itīs clear that once more I volunteer for the drive - 1 1/2 hourīs walk privided. The mist reaches up to Puchberg, so I drive further to Losenheim, which is already out.

No sun here though, there is a second cloud layer high up. The water reservoir near the valley station of the chairlift is full - but the water is of no use for producing snow, because it is much too warm.

The misty zome starts behind the ruin Losenheim.

The reservoir and the summit station. The few hoses around the Forellenhof Inn near the ruin is lit by a sunny spell.

This tree has been reduced to half of its height since last autumn.

View to Schneeberg. The name "Laningries" ("avalanche gill") for this long scree ravine does not fit at the moment. No avalanche ("Laning") in sight.

The chairlift is out of service - too less snow for skiing.

No snow on the Fasensattel - the view into the Gutenstein Alps shows Unterberg far right - this skiing area of course without snow too.

View over the mist laying above the Puchberg valley. To the left Hohe Wand, in the middle the Himberg and the ridge to the Gutenmann region, far right the slopes up to Hoher Hengst.

Schneeberg. Still some wind blown rests of snow on its North face - mind you, it is mid January!

The mist has drawn back a little bit ...

I walk down the partly snow-free pist. Skiers would not have fun on the snowy parts though, because the snow surface is extremely firm, and even icy in some places. I only can safely cope with this leg due to my Kahtoola - Spikes.

View back over the ruin of Losenheim to the Fadensattel ("Faden saddle"), where I have been some 30 minutes ago.