Lichtenwörther Au 13.3.2014

A whole week with cloudless sky during March means: snow drops will not flowrish for long. So I make use of a free morning and drive to the Lichtenwörther Au. During this season, the alluvial forest besides the river Leitha is full with millions of snowdrops.

I start my round walk at the bridge ("257" in the map).

I´m lucky: the snow drops are still in full bloom.

Exemplar with narrow petals ...

 ... and with broader ones.

Nice backlight effects at the edge of the wood.

The forest is crossed by shallow ditches, still overgrown.

Broad leaved snowdrop.

Yellow wood anemone (Anemone ranunculoides)

Hollowroot (Corydalis cava)

And once more snowdrops (Galanthus)

Viola (Viola)

Bridleways leading through the forest.

Where grassland is standing for a couple of years, it is also colonized with snowdrops.

I walk the forest heading for the river - and all of a sudding find myself on top of a short abyss. The river Leitha ...

... has wonderful clear water.

Walking through forest once more.

and on grassland.