Cross Country skiing Kirchberg 26.2.2005

A visit to friends in Kirchberg am Wechsel. Still here is as much snow as to give good possibility to cross country skiing even in the valley. It is snowing here, whereas the sun shines in Winzendorf.

Gerhard cross country skiing

Feistritz beck ...

... containing few water, which partially flows through Eisenhuber´s small water power plant, furthermore there is few water in winter anyway

Sheila has big problems in the high snow: at times she is on the way in the river bed, at times she prefers to run in our tracks, stepping on my skis when running close behind me. Only parts of the way she wades through the snow here and there reaching her up to the waist.

The dog is exhausted, we deliver her to our friends in their garden, meeting the mothers with the future downhill race world champions

Without the dog we now dare to go into the forest

 ... till its upper edge

We reverse near a farm draped with pretty icicles

A racy downhill through the forest with big difficulties holding the ascent´s track. Several times I only luckily can avoid a downfall