22. and 23.8.: Sun and moon at the ligthouse beach.

Full moon tonight, to be enjoyed at the beacdh, of course.

First the sunset, like on former days.

Not much wind today, but a bank of clouds at the horizon, covering the sun at times.

A ferry or excursion boat returning home.

Other boats.

There is some time between sunset and moonrise, getting dark in the meantime. Time to set up all the photographic gear, and waiting ...

 ... and here it is, the perfect full moon, rising directly above Zadar. 

Light reflections in the port basin.

Even a bit spooky light.

Rising moon now.

More than 2 hours after moonrise, the moon has climbed rather high.

Now, the wall of the lighthouse is lit.

23.8.: The rooms cleared, but we are allowed to spend the day at the lighthouse are. On the house wall, a male lizard attacks a female. Violence against females seems to occur among animals too.

The bad weather predicted for tomorrow is starting, but we don´t bother any more.

At 6:30 p.m. we depart from the lighthouse, have a good dinner in a restaurant and leave Zadar at 8 p.m. Rain at the drive home in places, and cool weather at home - making us change from 32 to 18 °C.