11. to 14.8.: Days at the beach of the accomodation.

11.8.: After arrival during the night we spend the day at the beach. The house of the lighthouse keeper is one of the very few buildings that are erected close to the beach  - due to the lighthouse of course. Disused for years, it has been beautifully renovated and turned to a wonderful tourist accomodation.

The day ends with a beautiful sunset.

12.8.: in the morning. Obne of several fig trees in the garden, yielding delicious fruits, ripening sequentially.

The lighthouse tower of Puntamika Laterna.

We spend the evening at the beach, lit by a big candle and the waxing moon.

13.8.: In the morning a gentle bicycle ride to the city. This is the cathedral.

14.8.: Early morning bicycle ride along the coast in the opposite direction.

Another spectacular sunset.