Kritzendorf 3.7.2022

My son Peter has organized a special event for the last "concert" before summer of his concert series"Cello Expansion".

"Dudeln im Trudeln" (sorry, cannot translate this): people are taken out onto the river Danube with small boats, then the engines are stopped and the boats are floating freely ("trudeln"), and there is kind of Viennese folk music ("dudeln") on board.

First, however, there is a proper start at the Kuchelau yacht haven with a few pieces to prepare the audience ...

 ... together with his partner Andreas Teufel on the accordion, ...


 ... they form the duo Schrammelbach - Viennese Schrammel´ music musik cross over with J.S. Bach ...

Also joining in is multi-instrumentalist Albin Paulus, guiding the guests with his bagpipe to the boats, like the pied piper of Hamelin der mit seinem Dudelsack wie der Rattenfänger von Hammeln die Gäste zu den Booten geleitet.

Off we go to the middle of the Danube stream ... 

View to the Leopoldsberg, with Kahlenberg behind to the left with the radio transponder. 

In the second boat, Andreas Teufel in front and Agnes Palmisano in the blue dress in the middle, who give a few pieces when floating down the river.

Afterwards, a racy journey upstream the Danube, ...

 ...  passing by the intake structureto the "New Danube", with the beginning of Vienna´s Danube island ...

 ... up the the beach of Kritzendorf, where the four musicians are playing on the Danube beach, in wonderful evening light.

One of the boats, a squill, is tied up on a tree.

At the beginning of July, where the river is flowing down from Northwest to Southeast, the sunset is exactly behind the water.

Sided light of the sun.

Agnes singing.

 Four excellent musicians are enthusiastically applauded by the audience, which has taken place on blankets on the sand. Peter with his Cello and Andreas with the accordion in superior manner as usual with their Schrammel-Bach - music, ..

Albin Paulus (far right) not only enjoys us with his bagpipe, but also with his jaw´s harps and his voice, the latter also including overtone singing, ...

Agnes Palmisano (far left) with her wonderful voice, comprising different stiles - from Schubert´s songs to Vienna´s folk songs and yodeler.

In the meantime, the sun is coming out from behind the trees.

Singing a concert barefoot on the Danube beach - not an everyday job.

Started sailing back with the boats ...

 ... and the sun will set in a few minutes.

In the last sunlight, we start back down to the Kuchelau yacht haven.

The squill with the rest of the audience is sailing too.