13.9.2021: Grazer hut at the Preber.

Today, we drive in the direction of the Preber lake, and start from a place about 1 km before the lake, up to the Grazer hut.

First only through forest, without view. Shortly before the hut we reach mountain pastures, with last flowers ...

 ... of wolfsbane.

Reached the saddle near the Grazer hut; view into the Preber valley.

Nock mountains and Hohe Tauern to the west.

Preber valley, far left the Preber (2.740 m).

Panoramic picture from the Sattelkogel (1.896 m), closely to the Grazer hut (to the left besides the Preber, hidden behind trees). Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Grazer hut and Preber valley.

Grazer hut and Preber valley.

Preber, Grazer hut and Preber valley.

Alpine pastures with red blueberries ...

View to the Grazer hut, with Waidschober, Gstoder and the high valley of the Krakau in behind.

Grazer hut.

View to the Lungau.

Zooming in to the Grazer hut.

Back down to the car through a wonderful, light larch forest.