9.9.2021: A gentle stroll in Thomatal with Peter Kai.

For 40 years, I´m friend with Peter Kai the founder of the Sterntalerhof. Peter, born in 1947, has moved to the Lungau some years ago. It is only a 25 minutes drive from Krakaudorf to Tamsweg, and a bit further to Thomatal, where I meet him today.

As I don´t know the exact place, we first meet at the church of Thomatal. Here, in front of the church, a bronze statue of Valentin Pfeifenberger, parish priest of Thomatal from 1956 to 2004, to his time known as the "Bishop of the Lungau". The statue shows him riding on a donkey, what he did evcery year on the palm sunday procession.

The church of Thomatal.

The chancel of the church.

The small cemetery.

After meeting, we gently walk up the narrow valley of the Bundschuh beck.

The dale is a bit wider in places, ...

 ... and rather narrow elsewhere. 

After a good, late lunch in the Löckerwirt in St. Margareten and a delicious blueberry cake with Peter I drive back to Oberetrach in the later afternoon.