7.9.: Resting day in Oberetrach.

After 3 days walking I need a resting day. The surrounding og the farm being that lovely, I take a short bike ride up the hill and spend several hours on a bench with a good book.

Known scenes, this time in bright daylight.

View to the Preber.

Interesting cloud formations above the Dorfer Alm.

There is a nature studies path here, and besides one of the benches on the way, this plate informs about the landscape. It says this is a "dead ice landscape", formed by the latest ice age some 20.000 to 10.000 years ago. At its maximum, the ice thickness reached 2.000 m. During the melting process, isolated ice sheets remained and were covered with gravel. When the ice islets melted, the surface sank down, and hollows remained.

And indeed - there are several hollows around ...



On the small ridges in between the hollows, a natural vegetation remained, for instance this German gentian (Gentianella rhaetica)

I spend several hours sitting here besides the chapel.


View to the south, the Niedere Tauern behind me.