5.9.2021: Bicycle tour in the Lungau - Mitterberg round.

4.9.: arrived well in Oberetrach, a small hamlet as part of the community of Krakaudorf, and an immediate round walk in the forest. Thi is the start, viewing from Oberetrach into the Etrach valley and to the Dorferalm.

5.9.: A morning expoloring the surroundings of the Ferienbauernhof Handl of the Knapp family, where we are accomodated.

Looking up Dorferalm ...

 ... and to the centre of the Krakaudorf village.

Wonderful sycamore trees.

We took the small Bus of Heidi and Ernst for the drive to Mörtelsdorf near Tamsweg, and are on the way to Mauterndorf.

Niedere Tauern.

Passing by Mauterndorf heading for St. Margareten - Moosham castle.

The courtyard of Moosham castle.