Spring in Kirchberg and on Blosser Berg, 8./9.4.2006

At least it is really sunny and warm. On Saturday, 8.4. we visit friends in Kirchberg, and on Sunday, 9.4. we guide our friends from Rohr im Gebirge on to Blosser Berg, a dry grass area near Winzendorf.

Monday 3rd April, 2006: On the drive to Oberwart. Schneeberg in a mystical light.

In the garden in Kirchberg, 8.4.2006: Blaustern (Scilla siberica),...

 ... Gelbstern (Gagea lutea) ...

   ... and Crocus.

9.4.2006: A walk to Blosser Berg. Violets near the path (Viola sp.).

In the forest: flourishing bushes of yellow cornel (Cornus Mas)

First blossoms of tiny Iris (Iris pumila).

Carpets of sand - cinquefoil (Potentilla arenaria) cover the slope.

On the outskirts of the forest once more yellow cornel

On shady places still Pasque flowers (Pulsatilla grandis)

Inside the dense forest several places with white violets (Viola sp.).

Buds opening on trees.

Coltsfoot (coughwort, foalfoot, Tussilago farfara) blossoms on very cool and shady places near the path.