Kienberg 6.11.2018

Short walk from Netting on the Kienberg.

Many trees have lost all their leaves.

Only oaks remain their leaves, and some other species.

Walking through woodland to the ...

 ... summit of Kienberg, where you should have a good view to Schneeberg, ...

 ... which however is wrapped in a foen cloud in the upper region. Regarding beginning of November, it is exceptionally mild weather today..

Kienberg  summit region.

View to Maiersdorf from Hohe Wand.


Looking south to the Wechsel region.

There is a beautiful light oak wood on the upper southeastern slopes of Kienberg.

Fruits of Laserwort (Laserpitium siler), which grows in abundance up here.

Viewing over the Steinfeld to the Rosalia mountains.

Back through woodland again.