Kienberg 12.1.2016

After last night´s rain the sun is out in the morning, with fast drawing clouds. Rain in the night means new snow on the summits. So, I look for a place with perfect view to Schneeberg - Kienberg by sure is the very right place.

Mostly through forest, I walk up to the grassland called "Zweiwiese", with a first wunderful view to Schneeberg.

Back and down to the small Kienberg saddle The rocks far right in the picture belong to the route called Irmasteig, where I head for now.

View down from this rock to Schneeberg.

Hohe Wand to the right

Near the summit, the view also goes to the Steinfeld, with the villages of Willendorf and Würflach. The Wechsel massive on the horizon - also with some new snow.

Maiersdorf and Stollhof at the foothills of Hohen Wand.

Panoramic picture from Kienberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Maiersdorf and Stollhof. The recent gales have felled those brittle trees.

Zooming in on the Schneeberg ...



Hohe Wand

Steinfeld with Wilendorf and Würflach. Rosalia and Bucklige Welt to the left.

Back at the car.