Kienberg March 9th, 2011

Bright sunshine, but still cold. I break up in the morning for a walk from Roemerweg between Willendorf and Strelzhof up on Kienberg.

I climb through light pine- and oak - forest. This view to Schneeberg will accompany me the rest of the walk.

On the summit of Kienberg, the view to Schneeberg is especially beautiful today.

Zooming in. Far left is the Elisabeth chapel, to the right of it, behind the Schneeberg hotel, is Waxriegel summit, where I have been 10 days ago, on February 26th.

Panoramic view of Hohe Wand, as seen from Kienberg. Far left is Schneeberg. Click here or into the picture for a larger verison.

Oberhoeflein and Schneeberg

Zooming in on Schneeberg

I walk further to Zweiwiese ...

 ... and descend down to Hoeflein.

Heré a few pictures of Hoeflein with the pilgrimage church and Schneeberg.