Kienberg 14.3.2009

Today´s morning it is a bit milder than recently, about 10 C, and the sun is shining at times. I start from Winzendorf´s outskirts, first up on Blosser Berg, then heading for Netting, up on Kienberg and over Zweiwiese, back the gravel road through western Neue Welt, through Netting and back.

First pasqueflowers (Pulsatilla grandis) on Blosser Berg .

View through recently stubbed forest to Hohe Wand ...

 ... here with zoom on Hochkogelhaus. Still lots of snow, seems that a bit has added up during last night´s rain.

Behind Netting ...

I find a small house near a vineyard, where crocus has been planted in the meadow.

View over Willendorf and Wuerflach to the Wechsel region.

I would not have expected to get a view on Schneeberg from Kienberg summit. I thought it should be wrapped in clouds on a day like that.

Tremendeous lots of snow this year in Breite Ries (the large, snow covered screes). Even much snow on the rocks.

Panoramic view with Kienberg summit, Schneeberg and Hohe Wand. Click here or into tue picture for a larger version.

From Zweiwiese the view is even better to Schneeberg, which now is even in sunshine.

Sheila has declared this spring to her bath tub.

View back along Zweiwiese.

Down in the valley on the way back along the fields: Kienberg with its rocky summit clearly visible, where I have been just before.


This river bed has been artificially dug out, and the fields got a drainage, the pipes of which are discharging their water into the beck.

Good for Sheila though ...

View over Neue Welt to Schlossberg (left) and Mitterberg (right), with Prosset gorge in between.

Schneeberg, Zweiersdorf.

View over the fish ponds near Netting to the northeastern parts of Hohe Wand with the village of Stollhof.