Kienberg 24.2.2009

After yesterday´s thaw it has snown for a short while in the morning. I start for a walk from Netting over Kienberg and back over the fields at the foothills of Hohe Wand.

The small bit of this night´s new snow is covering the trees like hoarfrost.

View to the Wechsel region ...

 ... and Bucklige Welt; far left the Rosalia mountains.

Snow on an Austrian pine

Kienberg summit in deep snow.

This view normally shows Schneeberg when the weather is clear. Today the mountains are wrapped in clouds, and be sure that it is snowing densely on Schneeberg.

Panoramic view of Hohe Wand from Kienberg. Maiersdorf has caught some sun, but the upper parts of Hohe Wand are still wrapped in clouds. Click here or into the picture for a larger version.


Once more Maiersdorf.

View back through the forest. At times some short sunny spells.

The western part of Kienberg summit.

Steep descent - take care in the deep snow.

Down to the saddle on the deeply snow covered field.

Further descent on a gravel road, now snow covered, ...

 ... till the foot of Kienberg with fields, another view of Hohe Wand.

The northeastern part of Hohe Wand (Panoramic view made from 2x3 pictures). Click here or inside the picture for a larger version.

Maiersdorf is hidden in a small hollow.

Northeastern part of Hohe Wand.