Kienberg 30.3.2008

After several weeks of work in house and garden at least I get some time to go out. Today it is springlike, near 20 C, but a fresh wind cools down the feeled temperature. I start from the upper outskirts of the little hamlet of Netting, along the ridge to Kienberg, then down and right way around Zweiberg, back via Zweiwiese and Kienberg.

View from above Netting over the southern Vienna´s plain to the Rosalia mountains and Bucklige Welt.

First cowslips (Primula veris) in the forest

This wild cherry tree already has first its blossoms.

Lots of primroses (primula vulgaris)...

Branches of barberry (Berberis vulgaris) are thriving young leaves ...

 ... and flower buds.

From Kienberg summit the usual good view to Schneeberg, ...

 ... which still has a thick cover of snow after the frequent rain and snow episodes of last.

On Kienberg summit also nice blossoms of cinquefoil (potentilla arenaria)...

 ... as well as a few exemplars of pasqueflowers (pulsatilla grandis).

The descent goes through rocky terrain ...

 ... along deep escarpments.

Seen from the opposite side on the slopes of Zweiberg this does not appear so threatening.

Dog´s Mercury (Mercurialis perennis) - thanks for the help in identifying to Herwig Gießwein (Herbert Wenninger) and Horst Braunmüller.

View from Zweiwiese to Schneeberg

Once more primroses

A sunray ilghts a few tussocks inside the forest of the eastern slope of Zweiberg.