An extended Kienberg - round 29.11.2007

The day begins with bright sunshine, so I start from Netting with Herwig Gieszwein to an extended walk around Kienberg.

AT first we walk through the forest. Two days ago it has snowed for a short time, but with very low temperatures, the snow has remained. It is rather cold, with temperatures below 0 oC most time of the walk.

From the summit of Kienberg therre is a beautiful view to Schneeberg and Hohe Wand.

Schneeberg, Gelaend to its right side, in the foreground Hoeflein, behind is Gruenbach.

Panoramic view from Kienberg in western direction: from left to right Schneeberg, Gelaend and Hohe Wand as a whole. Click into the picture for a larger version.

Schneeberg, Oberhoeflein.

We descend now from Kienberg via the steep "Irma - path" and walk further along the ridge.

So we come to Zweiwiese, whith another lovely view to Schneeberg.

View back on Zweiwiese.

We now walk along the western foothills of Kienberg back to Netting. Once more a view to Oberhoeflein and Schneeberg.

View along Hohe Wand in northeastern direction, over "Neue Welt".

Hohe Wand, the hamlet of Zweiersdorf in the foreground.

We are now approaching Netting, but with some more spare time we make a detour over the fields, along a small beck.

Reed ist growing here on some wet places.

In the shadow of the beck´s fosse some icicles have remained.

View over fields in direction of Stollhof.

Hoarfrost on ...

... the reed near the beck.

Once more icicles.

Sheila enjoys the day.

Several artificial fishing ponds make use of the water of the beck, with beautiful reflections in the calm water.

Hoarfrost on grasses too ...

 ... and zooming in.

View over Neue Welt to ruin Emmerberg guiding over the entrance to Prosset gorge.

In the beck rankly growing water cress.

High snow drift hanging towards the beck, with only little snow elsewhere.

Near the trees ahead on the left side of the beck there is a gravel road with a bridge, we now turn to the right and walk over a short asphalted road back to Netting.