Kienberg 13.1.2007

Still it is much too mild, temperatures up to 14 C, but with a stormy wind. I start for a walk from Netting to Kienberg and back via Zweiwiese and along "Neue Welt".

During my short drive: shortly after Prosset gorge a first view on Schneeberg. The weather looks promising.

Starting from Netting ...

 ... I am ascending through dense pine forest, ...

 ... passing droughty grasses beautifully lit by the sun.

Kienberg summit. This is one of the most beautiful viewpoints to Schneeberg.

Only veray few snow this year, ...

 ... even going to melt away soon under these temperatures.

Beautiful views to Hohe Wand from a small rock spur: this time Maiersdorf ...

 ... and Stollhof in the backdrop.

View over "Neue Welt" to Gaaden, Muthmannsdorf behind. On the horizon a weak glimpse to the biggest buildings of the city of Vienna.

Summit clearance of Kienberg.

Good dog Sheila is waiting while I make my pictures.

An "umbrella" pine.

Seed heads of Wald - Brustwurz

The route is continued to Zweiwiese. Now the sun is hiding behind a cloud.

Along the foot of Kienberg, on the side of "Neue Welt", I walk back: View to Zweiersdorf

The sun has come back and is magically illuminating the villages beneath Hohe Wand: Maiersdorf



Schloßberg and Ruin Emmerberg as part of Fischauer mountains


In the backdrop the houses along the road up to Hohe Wand

An hour later, from the skylight of my house´s roof.