Grado/Lake Keutschach 23./24.9.2018

Third day of our trial weekend with a rented motorhome. Rain all day yesterday in Austria and heavy Bora winds in Grado, therefore no pictures.

Prior to starting the drive back to Austria, we take a short walk to the old town of Grado.


The church in Grado

Excavations of an ancient place

Short rest near the sea.

Back at the harbour.

A few hours later, early afternoon, we have arrived on this wonderful camping ground at Lake Keutschach.

The sun is a bit down already, ...

 ... that means not very much time for ventures. So, we take down our bicycles from the motorhome, put the dogs into the hanger and start for a cycle tour around the lake.

View from the southern shore to the Pyramidenkogel with the recently rebuilt lookout, now 100 m high.

Southern shore

Regrettably, the shore of Lake Keutschach is, like most other lakes in Carinthia, privately owned nearly completely around, so you cannot step down to the water. The only exception is a small area of the southern shore and this small property open to the public at the Northern shore, where we take a short rest.

The dogs are allowed to climb out the hanger, and are treated with dog biscuits.

"Is there some more?"

" Sure"

Evening has come, ...

 ... and we call in a nice restaurant in Keutschach, the "Schlosstaverne", for dinner. This is Keutschach castle in the last evnening sun.

Late evening I return to the lake to see the rising moon.

The lookout is enlightened now.

24.9.2018: Heavy rain during the night - we couldnt sleep with rain pattering so loud onto the roof of the motorhome. In the morning, the rain has stopped and the sun is back.

Morning panorama of Lake Keutschach. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

This is the shore near the camping ground, which also is a public bathing beach. At the end of September it is rather deserted of course.

The eastern end of Lake Keutschach.