Holy Saturday 26. March 2005

Morning mist when shopping Morgennebel and a short walk to Bloszer Berg

After rain in the night there is some morning mist however dissolving quickly on the slopes of Fischauer Vorberge

Winzendorf with the Prosset Valley and Hohe Wand in the background, Fischauer Vorberge.Click into the picture for better resolution

The "gateway" to Winzendorf

Schneeberg with Kienberg before

Winzendorf with the quarry and Schneeberg behind, as seen from Bad Fischau/Brunn

On Bloßer Berg near Winzendorf - lots of pasqueflowers have started to flourish in a few days

View from Bloßer Berg near Winzendorf in direction Semmering

In the afternoon we visit our friends in Kirchberg am Wechsel - even there snowdrops in the garden are flourishing

Near the beck however yet rests of snow, ...

... but hazels are flourishing anyway