Karlstein 6.5.2016

As I found last time many exemplars of the Dictamnus (with buds only) on the steep ascent to the Karlstein, I started to look for that today.

First to the lily grassland - only a few flowers there at the moment. Lizard orchids are low still. Only the Prostrate speedwell (Veronica prostrata) has lots of flowers.

A short leg below the Karlstein.

Panoramic view from Karlstein. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

I proceed my walk over the mountain and down along the Brunntal hinunter and back through the vineyards.

Here, the vines donīt  have any damage due to frost. Down near the road, a lake of cold air has destroyed all young sprouts.

Finally, a few pictures from my garden, there is a beautiful display of flowers at the moment.

A pity that I have to mow now ...

This aquilegia has germinated in the small fissue between the curbstone and the cobblestones - and is in flower. If you let the aquilegia mature their seeds, your garden will be full of them in a few years. I donīt mind though.

Big garden leek


Columbine meadow-rue (Thalictrum aquilegiifolium, bought in a garden center, not digged out in nature!), dibbled last year, now its first good flowers.

Lots of aquilegia.

Big black beetles are loving the wisteria