Karlstein 28.12.2015

Ernst Köppl from Wiener Neustadt´s section of the Austrian Alpine club has told me about a wonderful view point near the Eisenstein cave.35 years ago, someone erected a cross on his favourite place, since then the place is known after Mr. Karl as "Karlstein".

As I have to drive to Bad Fischau, I take this as a reason for this choice of route. The drive goes to the parking area near the Eisenstein cave. Starting my walk to the cave first, then, passing by the cave and the homonymeous hut (which, in fact, is kind of a small inn outside the village), on little traces of a narrow trail (marked with small red dots), an extremely steep slope up to the view point.

A cross and a few wooden sets invite for a short rest.

View down to Vienna´s plain with Bad Fischau in the foreground.

The local centre Brunn of the community of Bad Fischau-Brunn. This was my starting area..

Bad Fischau, with Wiener Neustadt in behind and the Leitha mountains.

Zooming in on the centre of Wiener Neustadt. Far left the hospital, followed by the cathedral, far rightr the buildings of the military academy.

Panning out a bit, nwo the water tower in front of Burgenland´s wind turbines.

Weikersdorf with the Bucklige Welt in behind.

Bad Fischau, with the local centre of Brunn in front.

Panoramic picture seen from Karlstein near Bad Fischau-Brunn. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Having continued my walk up and across the plateau, then turning to the left and back, I pass by the "lily meadow" (behind the trees in the centre of the picture). The view goes to Winzendorf, in the backgrouind the Wechsel and Semmering region with the prominent Sonnwendstein.

Winzendorf and Sonnwendstein (with the ORF - transponder)