Irdning 13.1.2018

On Friday 12.2. at noon, we travelled to Irdning in the Enns valley to take part in the wedding of my nephew. On Saturday morning, I find two hours spare time and start for a gentle drive to explore the surrounding.

I drive to Altirdning and then a bit upwards to the little hamlet of Bleiberg.

Kammspitze is poking out between the clouds ...

 ... and after a curve, the narrow tarmac road leads down again, and you get a wonderful view to the Grimming.

I stop a short leg after ...

 ... and being fascinated, I watch the mist drawing over the mountain and permits views to different parts.

Now you can adumbrate the 2.351 m high summit of the Grimming - 1.700 m above the valley ground.

Back in the valley, there´s still a good view.

At the railway station of Stainach - Irdning to pick up the oldest two of my children (and with the son in law).


We take a narrow minor road via Sallaberg and Schlattham back to Irdning. On the way, we get a gorgeous view to Grimming, with the Trautenfels castle in front.

View to the Grimming from the hotel in Pichlarn castle, where the wedding takes place.

Evening at the hotel, after the wedding.