Innsbruck 2./3.October 2015

My wife Susanne as taken the opportunity to upgrade her Medical Scientist degree to a Bachelor grade at the Polytechnic in Innsbruck (today, all students finish their study with a bachelor grade). After two strenuous weekends early during summer 2014 in Innsbruck and two bachlor studies, she got one of the few "Drop out - places" for her upgrade. We all attend her to the academic celebration and take the train for our travel to Innsbruck.

We are accomodated in the Penz hotel, which has a breakfast room and bar in its 5th floor. This is the view to the east from the bar .

We arrived early afternoon after a short journey of 4:12 hours - and we are extremely lucky regarding the weather. A foehn weather situation has cleared the sky, the mountains appear to be within our grasp.

The girls immediately start a shopping tour, but of course I opt for a walk through the town.

Not too bad a background for this picture from the Inn bridge ...

Lentiform clouds in nearly constant position against dark blue sky - a result of the so called "foen wave".

Eastern view down the Inn valley. The mountains of the Northern ridge are reaching up to 2.200 m asl - so the height difference is up to 1.700 m.

The old town close to the Inn.

The water of the river Inn is milky turbid due to melting water of the numerous glaciers in its catchment area. The ice of the glaciers constantly abrades the rocks beneath producing very fine sands that turbidify the water. A natural phenomenon in no way resulting from environmental pollution.

The mountains of the Northern ridge - pin sharp in the foen sun. Behind the houses to the right there is a cablecar to the "Seegrube" and further up the ridge, in this area called "Hafelekar".

The river Inn in fact is a torrent - falling into the water is not recommended, expecially as the melting water water is extremely cold.

Wonderful river promenade.

These are the classical foen clouds. The mountains in the background, the Kalkkögel, are up to 2.600 m, so another 400 m higher than the Northern Ridge, but far more distant, so they don´t seem to be as high.

View upwards the Inn to the Kalkkögel. Behind is the typical cloud jam of the foen weather situation. Clouds coming in from the South are jammed at the main Alpine ridge, cooled down when elevated and thus lose their moisture due to heavy rain in southern Tyrol. The condensation energy then warms up the dried air, which falls down to the valley and heats it. At early October, the temperature is now up to 23 °C.

Now and then, a cloud covers the sun over the valley.

I climb the city tower in the old town near the Goldenes Dachl. A wonderful view from here to the south. Far left is the snow covered Glungezer (2.677 m), in the centre the Patscherkofel (2.246 m), where Olymic ski downhill raced were permormed in 1964 and 1976. Far right the Serles (2.717 m) with foen clouds.

View over the Innsbruck Cathedral to the Northern ridge.

Hof church and the view to the lower Inn valley.

The famous "Golden roof" - as seen from a different perspective.

View up the Inn valley. The cone shaped muntain in the centre was climbed by me in 2006.

Zooming in to the Glungezer.

Serles with the foen cloud-wall.

Northern ridge

Zooming in on the Goldenes Dachl.

Another view downt the river Inn. Now the distant mountains are illuminated by the sun.

I stroll up along the Inn and enjoy the view.

In the glass front of the new polytechnic building ...

...the northern ridge is beautifully reflected.

Last autumnal flowers in the park around the polytechnic.

The river Inn

Works of art on the walls of this underpass for pedestrians and cyclers.

Banks of fine sand - the result of the water turbidity.

Slowly, the day comes to its end, and I´m going to meet the girls for a dinner in a nice chinese restaurant.

Next morning. Several fields of study are gathered in one academic celebration, so it takes place in the huge congrss centre.

Done - congratulations.

The three girls - one of them is now academic!

Back to the hotel through the old town.

After checking out of our hotel, once more a short walk to the town. The foen still is alive, and the weather is even better than yesterday. This is a panoramic picture of the Inn with the Northern ridge. Click here or into the picture for a larger display.

Coffee break at the Inn.

The girls go for another shopping, and I start for a second, shorter walk at the Inn.

The weather is even better than yesterday.

Goldenes Dachl.

The city tower, which I climbed yesterday.

Franziskanerplatz and Hof curch

Franziskanerplatz and Hof curch

Spitalskirche in the Maria Theresien - street.

After a lunch in the restaurant Krahvogel, we draw back to the bar "Lichtblick" - situated in the seventh floor with a view similar to the city tower, but here you can sit with a coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the view.

Panoramic view from Innsbruck´s Cafe Lichtblick to the south ... (Click here or into the picture for a larger display)

 ... to Patscherkofel and Serles ...

 ... and to the Northern ridge. Click here or into the picture for a larger display

The circular bar, behind the glass surrounded by cosy seats.

Cathedral and Hof church and the view down the valley in northeastern direction.

Here, we enjoy the day!

The small park near our hotel.

Glungezer and Patscherkofel

The Bergisel ski jump - one of the four highlights of every winter´s "four jumps tour".

Today, the foen cloud behind the Serles is even more impressive. Tomorrow, the foen is forecast to break down, and rain eventually will draw to the North.

The Northern ridge, with the city tower´to the left - the view platform is nearly level with us. Behind, in the forest, the Hungerburg rack railway can be seen..

Zooming in on the city tower.

A last view to the southwest with the prominent Rosskogel to the right.