27.5.2016: (Ålesund - Torvik - Måløy) - Florø - Bergen and the flight home.

We wake up when the ship is putting on in Florø. Farewell mood takes place. After breakfast, we have to have packed our luggage till 9 a.m. and leave the cabin till 10 a.m. Afterwards, we mostly stay on deck.

Florø - another day with sunny weather.




View to the north, were we come from.

This is the view to the east into the Botnafjorden, Florø is situated at its entrance on a peninsula.


The tip of the Flora peninsula.

The lighthouse of Stabben, built on a tiny skerry, to the right.

Now crossing the Brufjorden and Stafjorden sailing south.

Big refinery near Florø

Back to the "land of the thousand skerries"

Another view to the refinery.

9:40. Back from breakfast, and everything ready packed.

A fog bank is appearing in the distance.

Only a very thin layer of fog on the water.

There is an advertisement, that whales are near. Everybody goes on deck, I can see them for a second to the front left, decide to stay on the left side of the boat  ...

 ... whereas Susi takes the pictures of two Orca´s ...

 ... at the right side  ...

The fog comes closer ...

 ... and we are sailing into.

The layer is very thin, so the sun canbe seen throgh the fog ...

 ... and behind the rear to the right  I can see a Brocken spectre, changing in time to a more or less intensity.

Out of the mist at last.

The mist still hanging in some skerries and low islands.

View back.

Bare islands, with only small forests remining us that this is not the far north, but the south of Norway.

A short glimpse to the mountains on the mainland.

More fog.

We now sail through the narrow Steinsundet.

Still fog on that island.

View back along the Stein sound.

A second fog bank is thicker than the first one.

We´ll be swallowed soon.

Fog is approaching ...



 ... and disappears..

This time, the layer is too thick as to permit sunlight coming through, thus onyl a very faint spectre. We use the time for lunch.

13:37: More settlements, because ...

 ... we are approaching Bergen.

In less than an hour we shall put on in Bergen.

Having sailed the Kvernafjorden, now beneath the bridge over the Hagl sound ...

 ... and beneath the Nordhordland bridge, into the Salhus fjord ....

 ...and along the Byfjord

beneath the take off - route of the planes from Bergen airport ...

 ... into the port basin of Bergen.

Along the many suburbs of Bergen.

Back to Bergen, after a 4.963 km´s sail.

Recreational area near the sea.

Big housing complexes.

Industrial harbour

The landing stage  ...

 ...of the Hurtigruten ships.

Slowly, the captain parks the huge ship at the stage.

The high jetty on level 5 is activated ...

Dozens of cubic metres of fresh water waiting for loading.

Flap up ...

First ...

 ... the cleaning brigade comes on board.

We have been brought to the airport with a bus, and after a few hours waiting, we have entered out plane. Taking off.

From above, the fog even looks more impressive.

It seems that the fog dissolves near the coast where the land is warmed by the sun.

So we get a free view ...

 --- to the fjords, islands and skerries ...

 ... and to very high mountains in the background.

Among them the huge glacier plateau of the Folgefonna (1.635 m).

Folgefonna - a national park.

Brocken spectre  - this time the light diffraction of the plane is imaged as a color ring on the clouds beneath.

Haze dome over Amsterdam.