Neue Welt - foothill of Hohe Wand 31.12.2023

Old Year walk at the big bend of the Hohe Wand road, along the foothills of the Hohe Wand.

View over the large grassland above the village of Maiersdorf, behind the mist are the Fischau mountains with the prominent bump of the Kienberg.

We first walk along the lower gravel road, which is completely blocked by fallen trees after a few hundred metres.

Back at the car park, the mist is rising.

Paragliders undaunted by death, doing a "gliding down" because there is no thermic wind today. Are they sure the landing space will be out of the mist?

The dogs are enjoying too.



Not so much view inside the forest.

The upper gravel road still goes along the foothills of Hohe Wand.

Skywalk at the upper rim of the escarpments.

Mist still rising ...


 ... and finally wrapping us nearly completely. 

10.1.2024 - heavy frost has made freezing everything. A short detour to the fields leading for St. Egyden.

Large puddle at last after a long time - heavily frozen now.